Rama Jyoti Vernon
October 5-7, 2018

International yoga teacher, international peace mediator and author of Yoga, The Practice of Myth & Sacred Geometry, and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Gateway to Enlightenment Chapter One. Please join us!

     Rama Jyoti Vernon, teacher, author, and lecturer in Asian philosophy and East-West psychology, is internationally acclaimed as a yoga instructor and peace mediator. She and Rev. Max Lafser co-designed a Conflict Resolution Training program, using principles of East-West psychology, Integral Yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as a basis for non-violence training that is used in churches, community organizations, and yoga institutions internationally. Rama founded five non-profit organizations, and is co-founder of the magazine, Yoga Journal. Having trained yoga teachers for 45 years, she continues to work with teachers worldwide to integrate the practices of yoga and yoga philosophy into daily life. She was awarded Outstanding Achievement Awards from the governments of Costa Rica, India and the former USSR. For more information: www.rama.yoga

Citizen Diplomacy
Based on the principles found in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Citizen Diplomacy is a path of exploring how individual and global conflict can be transformed and used constructively as a dynamic force for positive change.

During this weekend, Rama Jyoti will help students understand how they, as individuals, can contribute to the development of a more peaceful and sustainable world. The workshop will center around discussion and interactive techniques for solving conflict. 

Friday, October 5

Ancient Origins of Conflict

  • Personal roots of inner conflict

  • Psychological roots of conflict

Saturday, October 6  10am-1pm
New View of Conflict

  • Perceptions and ingredients of conflict

  • Relationship cycles, the Wheel of Karma

  • Context vs. Content

Saturday, October 6  2:30pm-5:30pm           Sources of Conflict

  • Masculine and feminine polarities of conflict

  • Types and sources of conflict

  • The collective unconscious/recognizing belief codes


Sunday, October 7  10am-1pm
Transforming Conflict

  • Underlying spiritual principles that lead to healing

  • The process of self empowerment that contributes to a peaceful world

  • Guidelines for resolving inner and outer conflict

Full Weekend $300
Individual Class Options $80